Students from Keio’s Department of Mechanical Engineering Attend 2nd Multi-International Workshop for Engineering Students in Thailand

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From February 25th to March 2nd, 2024, a delegation of 15 second-year undergraduate students from Keio University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering participated in the 2nd Multi-International Workshop for Engineering Students held in Thailand. Hosted by Kasetsart University, this event served as a vital component of the Department of Mechanical Engineering’s international initiatives, operating within the “Factory Visiting” course.

The Keio delegation was under the guidance of Associate Professors Keita Ando and Linyu Peng. They were accompanied by Professor Norihisa Miki, the head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Chair for International Affairs of the Faculty of Science and Technology, and Professor Kenji Yasuoka, the principal instructor of the “Factory Visiting” course. Emeritus Professor Tatsuo Sawada of Keio’s Department of Mechanical Engineering is currently a professor at Kasetsart University, facilitating collaboration between Kasetsart University and Keio University.

In addition to representatives from Keio University, the workshop, emphasizing collaboration between engineering and medicine, welcomed engineering students from Shizuoka University and Osaka Sangyo University from Japan, National Tsing Hua University from Taiwan, ECAM LaSalle from France, De La Salle University from the Philippines, and medical students from Mahidol University from Thailand. In total, approximately 90 students took part in this enriching international workshop.

During the workshop, engineering students from various countries and regions engaged in group work, including a project to design prosthetic legs in collaboration with medical students using CAD design and 3D printing, as well as a tour of an LNG plant factory. Additionally, through cultural exchange events such as visiting Thai temples and exploring Koh Samet Island, students fostered friendships across diverse backgrounds. At the end of the workshop, each group presented the outcomes of the prosthetic leg project, and all students were awarded certificates of participation.

Building on experience gained from this workshop, the Department of Mechanical Engineering remains committed to actively fostering international and cross-cultural exchange. Our commitment extends to cultivating student leadership and nurturing talented individuals capable of thriving in global environments. Moreover, we aim to strengthen collaboration with esteemed universities worldwide, including Kasetsart University in Thailand, to craft a curriculum that embraces diversity and meets international standards.

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