KeiDGs poster art workshop took place!

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KeiDGs Poster Art Workshop was held on November 22, 2023 with the cooperation of TokyoDex.

Participants were divided into five groups to share their experiences and thoughts about the Keio Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Goals (KeiDGs) for the Yagami Campus, which is going to be full of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. They expressed their ideas as artworks while sharing their experiences and thoughts.
Through this event, we were able to discover many similarities between the philosophy of Keio University and the words of Yukichi Fukuzawa and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion!

Next March, Ryoko Utsunomiya, an artist, will create a KeiDGs poster artwork based on the ideas from the workshop, which will be unveiled along with the KeiDGs keywords. Please look forward to it!

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Kenjiro Takemura, Keio University, Department of Mechanical Engineering